Gazal Maleki

Product Designer

Product design professional with passions in human-centered design, biomechanical research, and user experience of soft goods and hard goods who uses sustainable prototyping and 3D modeling to reduce costs, but with durable results.

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As a product design professional, I have extensive experience and a strong passion for human-centered design, biomechanical research, and the user experience of both soft and hard goods. In my work, I prioritize sustainability and efficiency by utilizing techniques like sustainable prototyping and 3D modeling, which deliver both cost savings and long-lasting results. I firmly believe that laboratory-based and field performance testing, as well as 3D testing and validation, are essential components of the design process.

I recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master of Science in Sports Product Design. Before pursuing this program, I worked as a graduate teaching assistant in 3D CAD and human-centered design at North Carolina State University’s College of Design. This experience allowed me to hone my teaching skills and gave me the opportunity to work closely with students in a collaborative environment. My passion for computational design and aerodynamics/hydrodynamics simulations led me to enroll in the SPD program at the University of Oregon (UO) Portland in 2020, where I gained hands-on experience learning about textiles and materials.