Gazal Maleki

Softgoods Design Engineer

Bringing innovative solutions emphasizing human-centered design principles and sustainability with expertise in prototype evaluation, 3D modeling, and material science showcased in diverse projects from footwear and bags to ergonomic sports  gear.

Sports Product DesignMechanical EngineeringIndustrial Design

As a softgoods product designer, I have extensive experience and a strong passion for human-centered design, biomechanical research, and the user experience of soft goods. In my work, I prioritize sustainability and efficiency by utilizing techniques like sustainable prototyping and 3D modeling, which deliver both cost savings and long-lasting results. I firmly believe that laboratory-based and field performance testing are essential components of the design process.

Holding a Master of Science in Sports Product Design from the University of Oregon in Portland and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, I possess in-depth knowledge in data collection, technical analysis, and creative design.

Over the past three years, my active participation in industry events like the Outdoor Retailer and Functional Fabric Fair has not only equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of market trends, resource management, and the importance of sustainable and innovative materials but also fueled my passion for designing and validating outdoor products. Also, my passion for freeform design, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics simulations in diverse projects drives me to continuously expand my knowledge in this sector, ensuring the creation of high-performance outdoor gear through validation processes.